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Mimi & Eric 21.08.10
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Mode d´emploi:

1.      Have a look in each category (Wedding´s video/Furnitures/Tableware/Kitchen & Cooking/Household Linen)  and make your choice :-)

2      a. You can transfer your participation on the following account:

           Name :                                                            Myriam Harduin or Eric Ferreira da Silva

           International Bank Account Number IBAN :  DE85   5901   0066   0435    8296   63

           Bank Identifier Code BIC :                             P B N K D E F F


2      b. You can either pay by cheque on a french bank or a german bank and send it back to Myriam and Eric

          Findelgaesschen 5, D-86150 Augsburg


2      c. An envelope can also be left in a box which shall be provided for this purpose at Laplume on August 21st


3.     Please indicate the gift you choose in your tranfer details formula.

We warmly thank you for your participation


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